The auction lots can be studied on the auction site and can be seen at the gallery’s headquarters, where they are being exhibited before the auction. At the scene, you can determine the artworks’ condition and you can also request additional information about the items you are interested in or about the bidding process from the gallery staff,  via email: or by phone: 0040-374 067 362, 0040–745 341 380.

The auction is held exclusively online. In order to participate, it is required to create an account and to log in.

During the auction, you don’t have to sit in front of the computer the whole time. You can set a maximum bid for the lot you are interested in. Setting a maximum bid is done manually, for safety reasons. If there are any counteroffers, the program will bid for you for the next bidding step. If there are no counteroffers, the maximum bid set by you will not be reached and you will win the lot at the price of the last offer. Nobody can win the lot at a smaller or equal bidding step than the maximum bid set by you.

It is important to know that this maximum bid is visible only to you, the program will show only the current offer.

If you do not want to set a maximum bid, during the bidding, next to the work’s image you can place a bid for the next offer by clicking on the bidding button. If there is a green trophy next to the current price, that means that the biggest offer is yours.

Any submitted offer is an obligation of payment if the work is won for that price.

If you do not want to bid directly, you can assign Quadro Gallery via email, specifying your name, adress, identity cand number and the the item number, author, title and the maximum bids for which you wish the gallery to bid on your behalf. It is necessary to submit the accreditation until 12 pm of the last day of the auction. For safety, you can verify by phone that your assignment was received and registered. Your offers will become active on the auction site from the moment the auction begins.

For the won lots, to the adjudication value is added the Auction House’s commission of 20% (or 18% for cumulative acquisitions exceeding 30.000 EUR) and a tax for fine arts (0.5% of the total price), according to the Conditions of auction.

After the payment is made, the artwork(s) may be picked up from the gallery or it may be shipped by the gallery at the buyer’s expense.

Quadro Gallery guarantees the authenticity of the purchased works of art by issuing a Certificate of Sale.

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